Camera Obscura Around The World




Camera Obscura around the World

Historically Camera Obscura structures were located on beach and river fronts in the UK and Europe.


There are many buildings around the world which house a Camera Obscura and these generally have a turret, with mirror and lens, which project onto a table in the room.


Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura, Scotland

This Camera Obscura is probably one of the best known in the world.

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Clifton Observatory, Bristol, UK

This obscura building offers superb views of the Clifton suspension bridge and the city of Bristol and is a great example of a camera obscura celebrating a unique bridge.

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World Sculptural Camera Obscura

 There are only a handful of significantly sized sculptural Camera Obscura  in the World and we intend Whangarei’s Camera Obscura to join this exclusive group.

Camera Obscura Building In Aegina, Greece

Beautiful sited on the cliffs of Greece, this Camera Obscura has a panoramic view using 12 openings to project individual images inside

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Mitchell Park, Greenort New York

This unique Camera Obscura was designed using 3D computer modelling and digital fabrication

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Giant Camera, San Francisco, USA

This structure is the remaining building from the World Famous ‘Playland at the Beach’ established in 1946 and is another example of the turret camera obscura using mirror and lens

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Camera Obscura Cheverie, Nova Scotia

Built by students from Dalhousie University (Tutor Ted Cavanagh), this obscura has a turret which projects onto the floor

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